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  • Lydia Devenney

A short piece written for the Cognitive Science Society earlier this year

  • Lydia Devenney

November 2021 was a busy month with two events in 7 days!

1. I hosted Ireland's first alcohol hangover research seminar.

Topics: Pathology and functional consequences, cognition, emotion, academic functioning, Covid-19 and high dose alcohol consumption on the brain.

Media Coverage: Newstalk, 2fm, Irish News, Sunday World, Donegal News, LMFM, Highland Radio and Donegal Daily.

Project Collaborations: Utrecht University, Swinburne University, University of the West of Scotland, and TU Dresden.

Special thanks to the speakers, and John Andy Bonar, Paul Hannigan, Billy Bennett, Dr Maria Faulkner, Dr Padraig Gallagher, Dr Tara Doherty and Maria Gallagher for their support, encouragement and guidance throughout.

2. Unlocking the Student Journey through Higher Education was a fantastic opportunity to bring together leading researchers in partnership, and student engagement and wellbeing.

Special thanks to speakers, and Dr Deirdre McClay, Padraig McDonagh, Bríd McDevitt, Patrick Lindsay, Ruth Keogh, and Simon McCafferty

Link to recording will be released shortly :)

  • Lydia Devenney

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

"… the golden rule: Students create the

data in the first instance, therefore students must be

involved in translating that data so that we can truly

understand it…

This rule is based on the oft-cited foundation for

student engagement and partnership: that students

are experts in their own learning.”

The Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) Results from 2018 report

Here is a short (3 minute video) on forming an identity through partnership. Presented at the Empowerment and Partnership in Student Engagement conference in November 2020.

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