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Dr Lydia E Devenney

Academic Researcher 

Cognitive/Experimental Psychologist

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I am a researcher and educator with interests and experience in decision making, memory, attention, human performance, well-being, health interventions, student engagement, state and the application of technologies to methodological approaches in research. 

I'm interested in promoting good practice in complex experimental design, and my core values align with open science principles. 

My current role is lecturer at The Open University. My perspective and approach to teaching is rooted in cognition, partnership and transparency, and led by current educational research and student feedback.

Research Areas

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Devenney, L. E., Coyle, K. B., Roth, T., & Verster, J. C. (2019). Sleep after heavy alcohol consumption and physical activity levels during alcohol hangover. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 8(5), 752.

Devenney, L. E., Coyle, K. B., & Verster, J. C. (2019). Cognitive performance and mood after a normal night of drinking: A naturalistic alcohol hangover study in a non-student sample. Addictive Behaviors Reports, 100197.

Devenney, L. E., Coyle, K. B., & Verster, J. C. (2019). Memory and Attention during an Alcohol Hangover. Human psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, (10.1002/hup.2701).


Other Interests

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